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hellsingrplog's Journal

Hellsing Group Log
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This is a group log for those who wish to RP as characters from the anime Hellsing. General board RP rules apply, including:

1) No powerplays. This is hard to moderate in board roleplay. Generally, if you're doing more than tapping another character on the shoulder or something equally innocuous, post an attempt rather than a success. Please try to be understanding if disputes occur. :)
2) Be respectful of your fellow players!
3) Have fun!

The timeline is set roughly after the first three episodes. There will, of course, be differences between RP and the official series plot. Please, RP spontaneously and put your own interpretation upon your character!

Feel free to RP as original characters and characters from the manga. Please do not claim a character if it is already obviously taken, and please do not impose upon the 'feature characters' by claiming such things as, "I'm Walter's long-lost daughter!" or "I'm a vampire that Alucard created a century ago!" Unless, of course, the 'feature characters' agree. Could be interesting. ;)